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What Students Are Saying

“I showed up with expectations that were met and exceeded. Dr. Kaufman is considerate of everyone’s time & addresses lots of different learning style/techniques with his presentation/demonstration. I developed effective needling skills AND I took away invaluable palpation knowledge that (as a student) I’ll be able to carry into practice. ”

Hope M. (DC student)

“It was one of the coolest things I've done here by far.”

Nicholas C. (DC student)

“Dr. Kauffman is very personable and all about you learning all you can while doing your best. He has the course very organized and in an easy learning order. It is super nice that he keeps it with a small cohort to get lots of hands on and one on one learning with Dr. Kauffman. Highly would recommend any of his courses but especially the Dry Needling course! ”

Abigail B. (DC student)

“I entered the program with skepticism and left feeling confident about the practice of dry needling and my skills to deliver it. I also appreciate Dr. Kauffman being transparent about the mechanisms associated with DN and its integration into an adapting holistic healthcare treatment model. ”

Logan L. (DC student)

“What a great course, such much knowledge, the instructor was so knowledgeable in this field and willing to be versatile to ensure learning. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to get into needling!”

Jake S. (DC)

“Dry needling was a well thought out and educational course. I now have another tool in my tool box for treating patients.”

Eric L. (DC)

“I took the strength and conditioning course for rehabilitation. Great course to learn how to assess an athletes program when they come from a powerlifting or strength background. Would love to learn more about the endurance side! Can't wait for the next course! ”

Mark M. (DPT)

“Dr. Kauffman is an amazing teacher who’s knowledge of soft tissue modalities goes far beyond just dry needling and exercise. Take this course if you’re interested in dry needling. ”

Cameron G. (DC student)

“I showed up not knowing what to expect from a chiro teaching Dry Needling. Well, I was blown away by how well the course was taught! The amount of information combined with the small group is just perfect to ask questions and get them answered immediately! A great course for my Physical Therapy colleagues! ”

John J (DPT)

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SmartCARE Education is recognized by the PACE program of the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards. Physical Therapists may submit hours for individual state approval.

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  • Is there a student discount for your courses?

    We understand being a student can limit your funds. That is why we have a student discount. Simply send us an e-mail with your current non-official transcript and we'll share the student discount with you.

  • How long is your Dry Needling Certification?

    The course is 54 hours long. Each Dry Needling course is scheduled for two weekends, which are scheduled in advance as a package.

  • Can I purchase one weekend of your Dry Needling course?

    We understand some states don't require more than 50 hours. If you'd like to purchase just one weekend, please contact us via e-mail at: [email protected]

  • Do I have to pay for each weekend of the Dry Needling course?

    Unlike many other programs, our courses are set up to include full pricing. No need to pay for a second, or third weekend, or fourth weekend.

  • Where can I perform Dry Needling?

    That answer is dependent on the state you practice as well as your profession. Please see any of the Dry Needling course pages for more information.

  • How long are your strength and rehab courses?

    The courses vary in length, but most can be completed in one weekend.

  • How often do you update your courses?

    Course outlines are assessed twice a year and course material is updated once a year if needed.

  • What is included in the lifetime access?

    You will have unlimited access to all course materials (videos, articles, worksheets, graphs, etc.) and course updates that you sign up for FOREVER.